About the Writer

Hi, my name’s Simon Lucas, and I’m the writer of Crossring. I greatly enjoy studying and writing about God’s word. In order to maintain motivation for doing so, I publish my thoughts here on Crossring.

By day I am a History and Religious Studies & Philosophy teacher at a prep school in London. I live in West Sussex, in southern England, with my wife Claire, who is a consultant in emergency medicine, and our two young children. When I’m not working or studying the Bible I enjoy walking, sailing and socialising with friends. I attend a large, evangelical Anglican church.

In addition to my content here at Crossring I am also the author of “The Shepherd God: Finding Peace, Worth and Purpose in a Busy World,” which is an extended reflection on Psalm 23.  I have also published two novels, “Beyond the Door,” a traditional genre children’s work, and “The Chicken Shak Spy,” a thriller aimed at a more adult market. I am currently working on two new books.

You can find me on Twitter, @simonlucas, where I am always happy to chat.