1:1-12: An impressive first impression

1:1-8: Prepare the way: make straight your paths

1:1: A question of identity

1:9-15: You are my child whom I love

1:14-15: The waiting is over!

1:16-20: Responding to Christ

1:21-34: Listening to God’s word

1:21-22: Everyone remembers a good teacher!

1:32-33: Crowds at the door

1:35: Getting away from it all

1:38: Never forget your purpose for being here!

1:40-41: Loving the unloved

2:2: The gathering crowds

2:13: The crowds continue to gather

2:17: The doctor will see you now

2:22: Be prepared to change

2:28: The Lord of the Sabbath

3:2: The challenge of Christ

3:4: Healing on the Sabbath

3:7-8: The crowds flock to Christ

3:14-15: Join the team!

3:16-19: Getting on together

3:22: Jesus attracts attention

3:31-35: The family of Christ

4:1: Listen to Jesus

4:35-41: No need for fear

4:37-38a: Keep calm, don’t panic!

4:40: A giant leap of faith

5:34: Your faith has healed you

5:36: Do not be afraid, just believe

5:41-42: Talitha Koum!

6:1-13: Jesus rejected by his neighbours

6:14: Mistaken identity

6:30-31: Get some rest!

6:30-34: Compassion: Are you the answer to your own prayer?

6:45-46: Jesus Prays

7:1-2: Challenging establish orders

7:14-15: Clean or unclean?

7:24-37: Who is this man?

7:36: Getting excited!

8:2-3: Jesus’ compassion

8:8: Trust in the Lord

8:12: Look around you

8:22-33: Who do you say I am?

8:29: The decision

8:31: Jesus the Christ

8:31-32: He must suffer, be rejected, and be killed

9:2-13: Listen to him!

10:13-31: A child-like faith

10:46-52: To believe, or to have faith?

11:1-11: The triumphal entry

11:12-26: The corrupt temple

11:27-33: By whose authority?

12:13-27: Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s

12:28-30: Love the Lord your God

12:28-30: Love that resonates inside our being

12:28-34: Just Love: The Two Greatest Commandments

12:28-34: Just Love: The Love Revolution

12:29: #JustLove: The Greatest Commandment

12:29-31: Love the looters

12:41-44: Sacrificial Giving: The Widow’s Mite

13:32-37: Watching for Jesus

16:1-8: Remembrance: Hope in death