Welcome to Bible Notes

A very warm welcome indeed to Bible Notes.

Bible Notes is an online repository of the biblical writing of Simon Lucas. The material published here consists of:

  • Short Biblical reflections focusing on a verse or two of scripture;
  • Longer Biblical articles that reflect on a longer piece of scripture, with more in-depth thought;
  • Sermons and talks, longer in scope than typical articles;
  • Short, snappy ‘Thoughts of the Day’, as delivered on the Inspirational Breakfast Show on Premier Christian Radio, a UK based radio station.

You can check out a list of the most recent posts and most popular posts, in the sidebar. Alternatively you can use indexes above to find all writing relating to a particular book of the Bible. If you’re feeling in need of inspiration, you could click here for a random post from our extensive archive.

Simon Lucas is also the author of ‘The Shepherd God: Finding Peace, Worth and Purpose in a Busy World’, a well-received book which takes a thoughtful look at Psalm 23. Find out more about The Shepherd God here.

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